Center Stage With: Bill Walters

We are blessed with a wonderfully organized, talented and helpful Stage Management team. Bill Walters is one of those amazing individuals on that team whom we are incredibly grateful for. He has a very unique position at Lyric in that … Read More -->

Lyric as a Family – A Friend in Need

The term “family” has become very fluid lately, and with good reason. The literal meaning can be scary, hollow, depressing, sentimental, or exhausting to a lot of people. Personally, It’s a very difficult word for me to hear lately, and … Read More -->

Unsung Hero: Maestro Noah Lindquist

Every rehearsal at the opera is accompanied by music– whether a dance rehearsal, a staging, or a choral rehearsal. It is impossible to require the entire orchestra to be present at every rehearsal, so, in the initial phase of rehearsals, … Read More -->

Lyric as a Family: Giving Thanks

I have always been a proud New Yorker. I like my pizza thin and cut into triangles. I like my bagels overwhelmingly covered in seasoning with a rainbow assortment of cream cheeses. I like walking fast and getting in and … Read More -->