The Artists Perspective – West Side Story

The Lyric Opera of Chicago began its American Musical Theater Initiative in 2013 with Rodgers and Hammerstein’s ​Oklahoma! ​Since then, Lyric has produced 6 additional musicals, with Leonard Berstein’s ​West Side Story being the most recent in the … Read More -->

Patron Spotlight: Ronald Johnson

The Lyric Opera Chorus was recently invited to participate in a recent donor luncheon in the grand foyer. I had the pleasure of being seated at a table with Ronald Johnson, a retired Structural Engineer who has been a Lyric … Read More -->

Center Stage With: Katie Bieber

There are three different tiers to the Lyric Opera Chorus:  Regular (Full-time), Core-Supplementary and Supplementary. Until now, our interviews have been with regular choristers.  Katie Bieber is the first person I have interviewed who is from our Core-Supplementary Chorus. Her … Read More -->

Center Stage With: Rachael Holzhausen

Ms. Holzhausen grew up in Michigan where her parents took her to many Broadway performances and where the inhabitants LOVE their winter sports. Her experiences as a young lady include learning how to build sets, participating in choral competitions, snowboarding … Read More -->

LyriCats: Meet Some Of Our Feline Friends

Good afternoon!  I’m Piper Dunn; here today with fellow LyriCats, Franklin Bonczek and Mimi McCord-Pyne.  Thank you for sharing with us the stories of your dramatic rescues and your willingness to relive what must must have been…traumatic.  Franklin, let’s start … Read More -->

Growing Up Backstage: Part Two

Do you ever wonder how individuals discover their artistic talent? What would the world be like today if Mozart had never been introduced to music? That is certainly a question that I don’t even want to consider. Luckily the two … Read More -->