Center Stage With: Rachael Holzhausen

Ms. Holzhausen grew up in Michigan where her parents took her to many Broadway performances and where the inhabitants LOVE their winter sports. Her experiences as a young lady include learning how to build sets, participating in choral competitions, snowboarding … Read More -->

LyriCats: Meet Some Of Our Feline Friends

Good afternoon!  I’m Piper Dunn; here today with fellow LyriCats, Franklin Bonczek and Mimi McCord-Pyne.  Thank you for sharing with us the stories of your dramatic rescues and your willingness to relive what must must have been…traumatic.  Franklin, let’s start … Read More -->

Growing Up Backstage: Part Two

Do you ever wonder how individuals discover their artistic talent? What would the world be like today if Mozart had never been introduced to music? That is certainly a question that I don’t even want to consider. Luckily the two … Read More -->

Center Stage With: Tyler Lee

This year we welcomed a new full-time regular chorister into our group, Tyler Lee, currently the youngest member of Lyric’s regular chorus.  His first performance on the Lyric stage was as a supplementary chorister in our 2015-2016 season. You might be … Read More -->

The Artists’ Perspective: Cendrillon

For those of us who are fortunate to work in this industry of entertainment, specifically opera, we look forward to those experiences that rise to the highest level of inspiration for us. It is those experiences that made us pursue … Read More -->

Growing Up Backstage: Part One

Sitting backstage in the dressing room during an evening performance, you will often hear the mothers in our chorus talking with their children via Skype or Facetime or just on a phone call telling their children good night or reminding … Read More -->

Behind the Scenes: Orchestra On Strike

The majority of LOSA members can be found performing onstage donning costumes, wigs and makeup. On or around October 31st,  everyone has the opportunity to dress up and pretend to be someone else for Halloween. This month at Lyric you … Read More -->

Center Stage With: Peggy Stenger

In an opera production, every person has a role. Opera simply does not and cannot happen without everyone involved and goes way beyond the principal artists. Without our stage management team, we would all be completely lost! They give us … Read More -->

Center Stage With: Ken Nichols

Thank goodness for the teachers out there in the world. In Ken’s case, his 9th grade teacher convinced him he should do something with his talent. Also, luckily for Ken, he had a great high school choir teacher that … Read More -->